Kate Miller-Heidke for Australia 2019

Kate Miller-Heidke for Australia 2019

🇦🇺 Australia 2019 / “Zero Gravity”

Photograph by Jo Duck

Grand Final | 9th Place | 284 points

Semi Final 1 | 1st Place | 261 points | Qualified

Kate Miller-Heidke won the inaugural Eurovision: Australia Decides national final with the song “Zero Gravity” and will represent the country in their fifth year at the contest at Tel Aviv 2019. Boasting a broadcast musical skill set and being classically trained, Miller-Heidke has a broad discography covering the ground of pop, folk, and opera. Her accolades and performances are spread throughout the English-speaking world, having top charting albums in Australia, performing in New York operas, and working in British theaters.

“Zero Gravity” combines pop and opera in a crescendo meant to emulate the emotion of breaking free of depression and finally feeling yourself again. For Kate personally, the song is about her overcoming her post-natal depression and the wave of relief that came with it. The song has no music video, in part due to Miller-Heidke having split with her label nearly a decade ago and hasn’t produced a music video since, and instead the official video is her winning performance at Australia decides.

Miller-Heidke was trained at the Queensland Conservatorium, where she developed her vocal abilities as a classical singer. She is married and has one child. With four albums under her belt in addition to a ‘best of’ compilation, Miller-Heidke has a larger discography than most of her competing peers. Her album O Vertigo! was crowded funded, being the highest funded Australian music project at the time and debuted at four on the Australian charts. In addition, her second and third albums, Curiouser and Nightflight, both reached number two on the Australian charts.

She ultimately finished first in her semi-final, beating out runner-ups Lake Malawi and Hatari, and ultimately came in ninth in the Grand Final. During the Eurovision season, she was awarded by Hatari with their first Honorary Mallet and later won the prestigious Marcel Bezençon Award for best artist.

Watch “Zero Gravity” below, and follow Kate Miller-Heidke on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Listen to O Vertigo!, Curiouser, Nightflight, and the rest of her discography on Spotify.

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