Paenda for Austria 2019

Paenda for Austria 2019

🇦🇹 Austria 2019 / “Limits”

Photograph by Patrick Muennich

Semi Final 2 | 17th Place | 21 points | Did Not Qualify

Gabriela Horn, otherwise known as Paenda, is a singer-songwriter from Austria who was chosen internally to represent the country with the song “Limits“. She grew up in southern Austria writes and record her music from her home studio, and graduated from the Vienna Music Institute. Starting her artist project in 2016, Paenda has since released two albums, Evolution I and Evolution II.

“Limits” comes from her sophomore album and song recants now Paenda pushes her interest and musical talent to the point of near collapse. It is about passion and how far we push ourselves for that passion, and the need we have to recognize our own boundaries and vulnerabilities in that pursuit.

Though Paenda began her namesake project in 2016, her first album debuted in early 2018 and her sophomore album followed suit in early 2019. The selection of “Limits” to represent Austria was contested in broadcaster ORF’s board, with opinions being largely divided over the song.

Watch “Limits” below, and follow Paenda on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Listen to Evolution I and Evolution II on Spotify.

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