Victor Crone for Estonia 2019

Victor Crone for Estonia 2019

🇪🇪 Estonia 2019 / “Storm”

Photograph by Stina Kase

Grand Final | 20th Place | 76 points

Semi Final 1 | 4th Place | 165 points | Qualified

Victor Fritz-Crone, who has occasionally performed under the name Vic Heart, will represent Estonia with “Storm” at Tel Aviv 2019 after winning the Estonian national final, Eesti Laul. Though he was born and raised in Sweden, Crone moved to America in his teens to study music before returning to Europe. He had attempted to represent Sweden by competing in Melodifestivalen in 2015, but lost in the second chance round. He then latered moved to Estonia, where he began to release the occasional single.

“Storm” was intentionally written to be open to interpretation, as it’s lyrics are vague and unassuming. But Crone states that, generally, the song revolves surviving hardship and working through to what lies beyond it.

Crone comes from Österåker and was born into a musically inclined family, though he did not embrace his own talent until his teenage years. He then moved to the United States for a few years, writing music in Nashville, New York City, and Los Angeles. Returning to Sweden, Crone competed in Melodifestivalen 2015 with the song “Det rår vi inte för”, though he did not win. The following year he met Stig Rästa (with Elina Born, Estonia 2015), who convinced him to move to Estonia where he’s been ever since. Despite being a Swede by birth, the Estonian public have formed behind him as their representative at Tel Aviv 2019.

Watch “Storm” below and follow Victor Crone on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to his discography on Spotify.

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