Oto Nemsadze for Georgia 2019

Oto Nemsadze for Georgia 2019

🇬🇪 Georgia 2019 / “Keep Going On”

Photograph by Georgi Tsaava

Semi Final 1 | 14th Place | 62 points | Did Not Qualify

Oto Nemsadze will represent Georgia at Tel Aviv 2019 after reaching the final of Georgian Idol and winning the final round of the show with the song “Sul Tsun Iare”, which will be known by its English translated title “Keep Going On” at the contest while still retaining its Georgian lyrics. His first big break was in 2010 were he won Geostar, later renamed Georgian Idol, and released his debut album afterwards. Growing up in eastern Georgia, his mother taught him how to sing at a young age.

“Keep Going On” is a Georgian rock ballad that forcefully beckons its listener to keep pushing forward, even in dark times. It is only the second song in Georgian that has been sent to Eurovision since Georgia’s entry into the contest.

Nemsadze learned to sing at the age of 3, and reached national stardom after he won Geostar in 2010. His debut album came shortly after, but he didn’t keep away from reality competitions for long. He competed in the the Voice of Ukraine in 2016 and returned to Georgian Idol in 2019 and thus has led to his Eurovision participation.

Watch “Keep Going On” below, and follow Oto Nemsadze on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to “Keep Going On” on Spotify.

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