S!sters for Germany 2019

S!sters for Germany 2019

🇩🇪 Germany 2019 / “Sister”

Photograph by NDR and Hendrik Lüders

Grand Final | 25th Place | 24 points | Prequalification

S!sters, comprising of Carlotta Truman and Laurita Spinelli, were chosen as the representatives of Germany at Tel Aviv 2019 on Unser Lied für Israel with the song “Sister”. Truman and Spinelli are, contrary to what you may believe, not sisters. Both Spinelli and Truman come from musical background, and originally met at a song writers bootcamp. Though neither of the duo have previously released music, their chemistry and harmonies came as a surprise victory at their national final.

“Sister” isn’t about family so much is about sisterhood and how woman often tear each other down and hurt one another in the process. The conflict is portrayed in the lyrics and on-stage through the lens of two feuding sisters who are remorseful over their fighting. 

Truman got an early start in her music career, appearing in several different competitions, and often tours with her band, Carlotta and the Truman Show. She is currently the youngest pupil at the Music College of Hannover. Spinelli, meanwhile, has worked as backing vocalist for several notable German singers, and has worked together with Eurovision winner Lena (Germany 2010).

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