Hosts of Tel Aviv 2019

Hosts of Tel Aviv 2019

Photograph by Eyal Nevo

Tel Aviv 2019 will be hosted by (from left to right) Assi Azar, Bar Refaeli, Erez Tal, and Lucy Ayoub. The four presenters represent a range of entertainment media and are significant celebrities in the Israeli public eye. Refaeli and Tal will host on-stage, while Azar and Ayoub will serve as the green room hosts.

Assi Azar

Photograph by Daniel Kaminsky

Azar is a well-known media personality and activist in Israel, being the presenter and screenwriter on a number of television shows. Most notably, he is one of the hosts for Israel’s national selection process, HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion and has co-hosted the Israeli edition of Big Brother with fellow presenter Erez Tal. He is openly gay, and created the documentary Mom and Dad: I Have Something to Tell You about the journey parents go through when their kids come out to them.

Bar Refaeli

Photograph by Eyal Nevo

Refaeli is a supermodel, television host, and actress who has appeared in numerous fashion and men’s magazines and has been the host of the Israeli edition of the X Factor since 2013. She also starred in a number of commercials and small screen productions, and is the highest paid Israeli model.

Erez Tal

Photograph by Ohad Romano

Tal is a former radio and current television host, having a long career in broadcast media. Beyond co-hosting Big Brother with Azar, Tal was also one of the commentators for Israel’s showing of Eurovision at Lisbon 2018, the first time in 25 years that Israel provided a commentated broadcast of the contest. He is credited with the creation of the television series The Vault, the rights to which have been sold to over 23 countries and thus has made it Israel’s most successful television export.

Lucy Ayoub

Photograph by Ido Izsak

Ayoub, in contrast to her fellow hosts, is relatively new, having first gotten major attention in 2016 for her poetry slam performance and since began hosting several public broadcast programs. She is of both Arabic and Jewish descent, and served as the spokesperson for Israel at Lisbon 2018.

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