Joci Pápai for Hungary 2019

Joci Pápai for Hungary 2019

🇭🇺 Hungary 2019 / “Az én Apám” (English: My Father)

Photograph by MTVA and Nikolett Kaszner

Semi Final 1 | 12th Place | 97 points | Did Not Qualify

József Pápai, who goes by Joci Pápai, is a Romani singer-songwriter who won Hungary‘s national selection A Dal with the song “Az én Apám”, two years after he previously represented Hungary at Kiev 2017 with “Origo”. Pápai has a long history with music, having released his debut album in 2005 and taking inspiration from his father. He is one of few Romani people to represent a country at Eurovision, as they are a historically repressed minority in Europe.

“Az én Apám” was written about Pápai’s father, and his relationship with him as his an inspiration and important bedrock in his life. While the song relates to his childhood memories specifically, the broader is to take a moment and appreciate the loved ones in your life while you can before they’re gone.

Pápai’s family introduced him to music, with his father being a member of a Romani choral group. His first public debut was as apart of Megasztár, a Hungarian voice talent competition, in 2005, and though he didn’t get far he released his debut album, Vigaszdíj, later that year. It took until 2010 for Pápai to find his big break, with the single “Ne nézz így rám” which launched him into the Hungarian public’s eye. With his increasing profile throughout the early 10’s, Pápai was chosen as one of the participants of A Dal 2017, where he won with the song “Origo” and later placed eight at Kiev 2017.

Watch “Az én Apám” below, and follow Joci Pápai on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to his debut album, Vigaszdíj, and assorted singles on Spotify.

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