Tamara Todeveska for North Macedonia 2019

Tamara Todeveska for North Macedonia 2019

🇲🇰 North Macedonia 2019 / “Proud”

Photograph by Cedomir Popovski

Grand Final | 7th Place | 105 points

Semi Final 1 | 6th Place | 165 points | Qualified

Tamara Todeveska, occaisonally just referred to as Tamara, has been chosen internally to represent North Macedonia for the second time, after competing previously as apart of the trio Tamara, Vrčak, and Adrian at Belgrade 2008, at Tel Aviv 2019 with the empowerment anthem “Proud”.

Watch “Proud” below and follow Tamara Todeveska on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Listen to her extended discography on Spotify.

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