A Crying World: The Ancillary Guide is a guidebook to an unreleased video game project, tentatively titled A Crying World. The book was designed and created as a graduate course project. Containing historical, geographical, and political information of the world of Lemuris in addition to profiles on the game’s major characters, the guide is the foundational document of the game and its world building.

A preliminary version from April 2020 can viewed via the link below. An second expanded version will be released in mid-2021.

Q.ueer T.ime E.vent (QTE) Magazine is a conceptual print publication design with a focus on LGBTQIA+ issues in video games. It was conceived and created for a graduate class course in magazine design, with all the content of the project being properly attributed to their writers and the publication in which they were sourced from.

New Growth Arts Review (NGAR) is the literary and arts magazine run by, published by, and made for students of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It annually publishes and celibrates the prose, poetry, art, and photography of IUP’s student body.

The design of the XXXVIII volume was designed in my senior year at IUP and while I served as the magazine’s Managing Editor. An updated design was developed in the summer and handed over to the incoming leadership for the XXXIX addition, with additional design support given as requested.

Volume XXXVIII can be viewed here.

Volume XXXIX is currently unavailable digitally.