Luca Hänni for Switzerland 2019

Luca Hänni for Switzerland 2019

🇨🇭 Switzerland 2019 / “She Got Me”

Photograph by SRF and Lukas Maeder

Grand Final | 4th Place | 364 points

Semi Final 1 | 4th Place | 232 points | Qualified

Luca Hänni has been chosen internally by Switzerland‘s public broadcaster SRF to represent the country at Tel Aviv 2019 with his song “She Got Me”. He is an accomplished singer and dancer, winning the German edition of Idol, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, and  competing several reality competitions. With four albums under his belt and a successful modeling career, among other side projects, Hanni is well prepped to be a favorite at Tel Aviv.

“She Got Me” is a well-choreographed uptempo Europop song, detailing a sensual encounter with a woman that brings the two to a proverbial dance floor. The song was written between Hänni and a group of writers at a song writing bootcamp, and was designed to showcase a broad range of Hanni’s talents. 

Born in Bern, Hänni originally had begun work to be a bricklayer, but relied on music as his backup plan has the labor demand fell through. Competing on Deutschland sucht den Superstar at the age of 17, Hänni became the youngest and first non-German to win the show. His debut single, “Don’t Think About Me”, peaked at the top of the charts in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, and his debut album, I Am Luca, did much the same in Switzerland and Germany. His success was followed with his next three albums, Living the Dream, Dance Until We Die, and When We Wake Up, each released one year after another. He later won in the German dance competition Dance Dance Dance in 2017 and competed in the German edition of Ninja Warrior. Additionally, he designs clothes, models, and publishes his own magazine. Tel Aviv will not be Hänni’s first Eurovision experience, as he served as Switzerland’s spokesperson at Kiev 2017. 

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