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Sergey Lazarev for Russia 2019

Sergey Lazarev for Russia 2019

Photograph by Daniil Velichko

Russia 🇷🇺 2019 / “Scream”

Grand Final | 3rd | 370 points

Semi Final 2 |6th| 217 points

Pop star Sergey Vyacheslavovich Lazarev returns to represent Russia again at Eurovision, three years after finishing first in the public televote and third overall at Stockholm 2016, being internally selected with the song “Scream” to compete at Tel Aviv 2019. A former boyband member, Sergey Lazarev is a major pop star in Russia and is adored by Eurovision fans.

Getting his career’s start as a part of the award winning boy band Smash!!, Lazarev split his solo career off from the band in 2004 and continued to see his popularity soar. With six albums and over sixty singles under his belt, Lazarev has one of the most expansive discographies of any recent Eurovision artist. Though he represents Russia and is deeply proud of his country, he is also openly critical of it, expressing solidarity with Russia’s queer community when the country enacted their anti-gay propaganda law and disavowing the forced Crimean annexation. His appearance and top finish at Stockholm 2016 with “You Are The Only One” only further endeared him to greater Europe, and he is poised to do much the same at Tel Aviv 2019.

“Scream” was written and composed to showcase a more emotional and human Lazarev, against the sensual and idealistic one he showcased at Stockholm 2016. Produced by Phillip Kirkorov, the song has all the hallmarks of a dramatic stage show.

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