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Miki for Spain 2019

Miki for Spain 2019

🇪🇸 Spain 2019 / “La Venda” (English: The Blindfold)

Photograph by José Irún

Grand Final | 22nd Place | 54 points | Prequalification

Miguel Núñez Pozo, who goes by the mononym Miki, competed in the Spain‘s reality music competition Operación Triunfo, where he finished sixth, and was then one of ten contestants to then compete at the post-show national selection Gala Eurovisión, where he won the right to represent his country at Tel Aviv 2019 with his song, “La Venda”. Like many Eurovision singers, Miki is only just entering the commercial music business following his foray into Operación Triunfo. He previously performed with his cover band  Dalton Bang before going solo.

“La Venda” addresses our own blindness to what pain and torture we put ourselves through, encouraging us to take off the titular blindfold to see and live in the world before us. The blindfold falling also symbolizes letting go of our prejudices and ignorances and fully embracing the the diversity of the world.

Miki was born in Teressas, and though his family did not have much musical talent in their blood they kept him supplied with instruments. He is mainly self taught, and though he formed a cover band with his high school friends to tour through Catalan with, Miki has a degree in primary school education from the University of Barcelona. Auditioning for Operación Triunfo, he was ultimately accepted on to the show and finished six, permitting him entry to the Eurovision Gala, where he ultimately won with “La Venda”.

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